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Lash License Program

In Texas, a lash license is what you'd need in order to offer professional eyelash extension services. To get one, you usually complete a state-approved training like the one we offer and pass an exam. Our governing agency is the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and they require a 320 hr program to be completed in order to be able to take the above mention exam.

How does it work?

Book a tour

You want to make sure that our school is right for you. It is highly important that you not only fall in love with our Academy, but that you also like the staff and that you are able to relate to our educators. It is very hard to take direction from somebody that... let's just say it, you don't like.


Once you are done with class and have successfully clocked in 320 hours you will be able to attend a small graduation ceremony where you will receive your diploma and transcripts. Our academy will made sure to notify TDLR that you are ready to take the state exam and pop that bottle of champagne!


Once you have made an informed decision by touring the academy, you are ready to commit 100% and secure your spot. This is where all the important documents are signed and where you receive important instructions before your first day of school including receiving your kit and books.


TDLR will get back to us with a date, location and time where they will expect you to take their theory and practical exam. Don't worry! We will practice during our time together so you pass with flying colors! Hence why we expect you to show up every day :)

Show up

Your very first day :D

Since this is a 320 hour (8-11 week) program, we are limited on time and every day, hour and second matters. Every week you will learn a new subject, from lash foundation to how to open a successful business once you have your lash license.


You are ready to enter the world of lashing knowing that you are compliant with every state requirement. You will not only be ready to tale clients but how to attract them, how to hire employees, how to starts a product line, etc

We will give you all the tools you need and ongoing help and mentoring.

Brazen Lash Academy

"Empowering artists through ethical education".

For pricing, schedules and class start dates, book a tour or call 714-443-8610.

Potential Income

The lash industry is well known for it's earning potential but not only that, the many streams of income that you can create like selling your own product, hiring employees, selling digital products, in person trainings and many more.

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