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Becoming A Lash Artist - Lash Certification


-Class length: 1 day Online + 2 days in person

-Class cost: $1,000

-Deposit: No deposit. Class must be paid in full


-Online portal that preps you before hands on training and must be completed before the 1st day of in person training.

-Comprehensive study of sanitation and common state board practices

-Brazen Manual

-Classic and Volume Certifications

-Kit valued at $350


-15% off on Brazen products 

-What you will learn:

  • Eye anatomy, functions and lash life cycle. 

  • Treatment Equipment and Product Knowledge

  • Lash Extension Composition and Structure

  • Eye health conditions + Allergies 

  • Workspace Set Up

  • Lash Artist Health + Safety

  • Client care + Lash hygiene 

  • Mapping / styling Science behind glues + removers

  • Application Theory

  • Lash Fills

  • Aftercare and Lash shedding

  • Business Skills / Marketing

  • How to build a clientele

  • Social Media Management

  • Photography 

  • The difference between classic and volume lashing.

  • Lash Artist Health + Safety

  • How to properly prep the natural lashes for seamless bond to eyelash extensions 

  • Eye Conditions and Allergies

  • Fan Geometry and Symmetry

  • How to wrap volume fans

  • How to create safe volume fans

  • Styling / Mapping guides

  • Mixing Curls

  • Lash Layering

  • Perfect Line techniques / Strip Lash Styling

  • Mastering the inner corners

  • Proper attachment and direction control

  • Tweezer Testing

  • Fan pick up concept 1

  • Fan pick up concept 2

  • Proper pick up techniques

-Deposit: $500 non refundable/non transferable 

-Model: One model will be needed for the second day of the in person class. It is the students responsibility to bring their own model.

-Please note: We limit the number of students to 3-5 students per class so you have more one-on-one training. 



Call for more information: 714-443-8610

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Becoming a Lash Artist - CERTIFICATION

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