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You guys! creating a successful Lash business is HARD. But in doing so for the past 5 years, and creating a six-figure income from it, hiring employees and training I've learned what it takes to be successful. 

So I am giving you my LASH BUSINESS WORKBOOK for FREE. This workbook is something I wish I had when I was starting my Lash Business, when I hit my first $50,000 profit, when I hired my first employee, when I opened my first salon, - you get the idea, I wish I had this with me all the time! Because let's be honest, nobody just hands you the industry "secrets" just like that.

Why I want you to have this:

Many moons years ago I took my first Classic Course ever and my income earning potential has only skyrocketed ever since, allowing me the many freedoms in life I yearned for. Lashing has so far allowed me to:

  • Quit my full-time job and go from minimum wage to earning a six-figure income in less than a year

  • Pay off debt

  • And purchase our very own house in Orange County, California (which we all know it could be so intimidating and expensive)

One of the BIGGEST factors in being successful is having a plan and being in the right mindset. For the longest time I struggled to find the right tools and resources (including a mentor) in order to make my business more streamlined and organized. I didn't have set goals or know what I wanted my Lash Business to do for me. And that was my biggest mistake as a business owner.


What does Workbook include?

Here is what my FREE gift includes to help you with:

  • What you should spend (invest) your money in

  • Best lash products under $30 that you need at your shop

  • Client waiver and rules

  • Basic information on California-based Labor Law 

  • Top 5 rules State Board wants you to follow 

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