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Our Volume Eyelash Extension training takes place over the course of two days. It includes theory, live demos and practical application on both mannequins and live models. Students MUST be classic certified before taking this course. 

-Class length: TWO DAYS

-Class cost: $1,500 


-Kit valued at $200+ that includes 5 trays of volume lashes, tape, volume tweezers, fan, Brazen adhesive and disposables..

-Volume Manual



-15% off Brazen products

Theory topics covered: 

  • The difference between classic and volume lashing.

  • Lash Artist Health + Safety

  • How to properly prep the natural lashes for seamless bond to eyelash extensions 

  • Eye Conditions and Allergies

  • Fan Geometry and Symmetry

  • Calculating volume fan weights

  • How to wrap volume fans

  • How to create safe volume fans

  • Styling / Mapping guides

  • Mixing Curls

  • Lash Layering

  • Perfect Line techniques / Strip Lash Styling

  • Mastering the inner corners

  • Proper attachment and direction control

  • Tweezer Testing

  • Fan pick up concept 1

  • Fan pick up concept 2

  • Proper pick up techniques 

  • Sanitation vs Sterilization

  • Fill Appointments

  • Aftercare

  • Social Media Strategy, Marketing, Pricing

  • Photography

-Deposit: $250 Deposit 

-Model: One model needed for Day 2 and student is responsible for bringing their model.

-Please note: We limit the number of students so you have more one-on-one training. 


SPANISH classes are available 


Brazen Volume - Advanced Class
Two Day Class

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